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You can book for groups of up to 8 using our online booking system.

If you want to book a full dorm room, more than one room or the entire hostel, contact us on 01854 622719.

Full Dorm Room (sleeps 8) @ £100-£150 p/n

The Bothy (sleeps 6+1) @ £100-£130 p/n

Full Hostel Hire (sleeps 22+1) £300-£400 p/n

Full rental rates for the first two nights of booking, 50% discount on additional nights.  Discount rates on enquiry for bookings longer than 4 days.

We can help you with organising everything you need to make your group trip or family celebration a success -activity guides and instructors, field study tutors, lecturers, equipment, transport, catering, ceilidhs.

Contact us for information on tailored support for your group.

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